Hemant Bhalla

New Delhi, India

Here goes a politically correct "About Me" ☞ Biologically : Normal Human Being Naturally : Inquisitive Apparently : Sincere Primarily : Introvert Definitely : Calm Mentally : Stable Probably : Confused Reasonably : Smart Sufficiently : Educated Socially : Unavailable Currently : Single Geographically : Remote Permanently : In Delhi Reluctantly : Studying Truly : Indian Financially : Bankrupt :) Seriously : Humorous Actively : Lazy Artistically : Worthless Honestly : Honest I'm a happy go lucky person...like to have fun all d time, wherever I m, whatever m doing. I'm a determined person n when I want something, I go for it...I take life as it comes, love movies, fashion, good food n good clothes. n yeah, I love Delhi n my India and wouldn't be anywhere else in the world but here!!! °•٠¤♫←㋡۝ I am a Dreamer, who's dreams are never fulfilled, they are always Transcended.

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    • India.com
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    • tagore school mayapuri
    • tagore senior secondary school
    • niituniversity