Hemapriya Gopal


Hemapriya Gopal


Well, my headline tells my readers about my interest in Biology. Homosapien sapien is the taxonomical name for modern human beings.

I am a rare human being, unique because of the way i see myself. I love to make new friends and socialise, afterall, Man is a Social animal they say!

Well, I live in India, the land of multi-ethnic cultures, diversity and colours. I come from a family of doctors. My father, elder sister and brother-in-law are allopathy doctors. But to stand out of the crowd, i have chosen Engineering and i have a Bachelors degree in Engineering in the most reputed field of Computer Science.

I love adventures, visiting new people, places and cultures. Hence I took up GRE to do Post Graduation in a foreign country. Got a pretty decent score in GRE. I screwed in TOEFL. The medium of instruction for me was English in school and college.

I worked as an Assistant Systems Engineer Trainee in Asia's largest IT giant Tata Consultancy Services Private Limited for a while.

I am interested in Photography, reading books and writing blogs.

Photography: Very soon I will open an account in Instagram and upload my photos.

Reading and Writing: I always believe that reading and writing should go hand-in-hand. As soon as i started exposing myself to books and authors of different genre, creativity started oozing out of me and there was a significant raise in my vocabulary.

Hence I started writing blogs.

https://hemzlifestyle.blogpot.in is my blog page that contains both personal and technical blogs.

My friends helped me all the way in increasing my vocabulary and they also gave useful comments to improve my blog. Thank u friends.

Qualities I think I possess:

1. Ability to tolerate people to some extent

2. Creative and technical writing

3. Learning new technology with ease and hardwork

4. Gratitude

5.Faith in God

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Engineering