Hemen Patel

Small Business Owner, Software Engineer, and Life Coach in East Rutherford, New Jersey

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Smile :) - I’m Hemen

Working On Now....
At this stage in my life, I have ventured on a entrepreneurial adventure to positively disrupt the internet. Right now I am called a crazy nut trying to achieve something that critics call impossible. You never know until you try and check it for yourself.

This is my passion and love every minute of this crazy journey.

Next Wave Disruptions is a technology company whose sole purpose of existence is to challenge the status quo.


In Q2 of 2018, we are launching...

WasUpCrowd - Compete with Facebook

StribeIN - A network for students

PoeDM - Compete with Snapchat

Serve An Offer - Compete with Google

123Deals4U - Compete with GroupOn

Personal Stuff

Live in Secaucus, NJ
I love technology, music, entrepreneurship, travel, eating out, exploring the unexplained, having good time and innovation.

I love meeting people from different walks of life.

Take - Peace - Love - Smile