Hemisha Patel

So... Who am I (loaded question)? and What am I doing here (another loaded question)? Good questions both! I'll try to explain...

Well I am following my heart and listening to my brain and loving it!

I pursued studying Astrology, Finance and writing Computer codes. Huh?! If you connect the dots in the big picture of life it all fits in snugly with my pursuit of happiness.

I also love reading, exploring new ideas, funniness around me, the sky and caring about the world we create and live in.

Totally bitten by the writing bug lately; I have decided to share my thoughts and am earnestly hoping you will appreciate, like and encourage my endeavors with your presence and time. Will update you soon....

Thanks for taking the time out to read my bio...and I hope life treats you kindly...where ever you are...Take Care!