Hemp Stevens

Hemp Stevens


I won the gold and captured the hearts of all Americans at the '92 Summer Games in Barcelona... Ever since then... well, not so much.

Now: I Tweet and mostly talk about Grilled Cheese on Facebook.

Career Since Olympic Glory:

I'm a Cleansing Technician in my day job, but lately folks have been hiring me and my cronies to create funny videos for their brand. The Bonner Brothers run that ship and pretty much say "Dance Monkey Boy, Dance!" and I do their comedic bidding.

Am I For Real?:

I can only say one thing. I'm as real as Rocky Balboa chopping down the Soviet, I'm as real as Hulk Hogan scooping Andre the Giant, I'm as real Lion-O's passion to protect the innocent.

Loves: Alex P. Keaton, Amazing Burritos n' the Greatest Party Game Ever, Kan Jam!