Hena Patel

I am a true Indian, short, sweet and brown. Made the trek from Suwanee, so I’m not too far from town. Always been from Georgia, Milledgeville born and Suwanee raised. Grew up here in the south, but I still can’t figure out that stupid corn maze. From the moment I could walk, my passion was to dance. Not just tap, ballet, and jazz but cultural Indian too, so I could leap and prance. My older brother, now a Mercer graduate, has always been into baseball. Because of him, on every game day you can hear Braves cheers from every hall. But as I grew older, my interests expanded from performing to being in charge. Now a Business Management major, I really intend to live my life rather large. But now for some random facts that you and my future CEO colleagues will sure enjoy to know. It’s through these little quirks I hope my personality can show. I am a caring and clever Capricorn, born in December, the 22nd to be exact. Sadly my big day is the shortest day of the year, and as much as I hate it, that is a fact. Being a vegetarian my entire life, I have to say finding food is not too easy. No meat for me, just soups, bread, and pasta basically ending up super cheesy. To make matters worse I’m allergic to raspberries. Strawberries and other berries are fine, but I kind of hate cherries. I sometimes have a lisp and am almost legally blind, as of now those are the weirdest facts I can find. I have some random, quirky attributes as you can tell. For now you can call me Hena, Hena Patel.

Suwanee, GA

North Gwinnett High School

Pre- Business, Business Management

  • Education
    • University of Georiga