Hena Nazir

I have a career within which Im in a position strengthen and utilize my inventive or creative skills. I am found of creativeness and something that involves people concept and ideas. I truely have a passion for marketing and advertising.I'm keen and love turning strangers into interested customers. Concerning turning the uninspired into the ambitious. Concerning making passive individuals entirely engaged through interaction.This can be attainable by engaging individuals with a strategic set up which will facilitate to build a strong foundation for your business. By building group around principles which will increase and enhance your business. And by permitting customers to share and remix components of your message till they become supporters and proponents for your brand rather than looking your advertising.When a brand new product is launched, I feel I have to be as able to perform as ready to a professional. such a lot should be accomplished right away. The brand, the positioning of the product, press release, viral marketing and word of mouth every each factor which will confirm whether or not the product or service is successful or not depends on the marketing efforts of the initial phase of that launch.My experiences have instructed me the way to prepare, like that professional expert i discussed before, to the purpose where all the elements of a successful product launch are prepared before the item or service is ready to ship. i might wish to explain how I will bring this same level of preparation and expertise to your organization.Having worked with business owners large and small around the world, Appreciated for best internet marketing consultant and strategist for getting fast results for my clients.Worked with advertising and marketing giants in the industry handled the marketing project of Big brands of IT industry and others as well.Expertise: Online business , Consumer behavior, Internet Segmentation on geographical Basis , E- business Research and development . Digital marketing strategy formulation and creation of Marketing plans as per project and client requirement. Specialization in search engine optimization, Search engine Marketing , Adwords Ads (PPC Management ) , Affiliate Marketing , Social Media Marketing and strategy formulation , Adsence Management . Study Google Algorithms and Management, Website Management , Content Management , Keyword Analysis and research , Targeting the relevant and niche keywords.creative market