Hassan Mohammed Enany

Director in Florida

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Hassan Mohammed Enany is a fledgling filmmaker, based in London but travelling the world for new opportunities and inspiration. He is a graduate of Goldsmiths University, having obtained a bachelor of arts in Anthropology & Visual Practice. The modules were extensive, encompassing everything from ethnographic film to general videography. This gave Hassan a good knowledge not only of film itself, but of the landscape these films are being made in, including the culture and customs they depict. Additionally there was a wealth of experience in this course of video editing itself, an invaluable skill for seeing a project through from start to finish.

He is also the co-founder of Hassan Mohammed Khalil Enany Enterprises (also known as HMKE Enterprises) which is a business that looks to empower people through positive mental attitudes and using media to foster this. Hassan is skilled in motivational speaking, and despite not playing a heavily active role in the business at present, he still continues to develop this.

In terms of film, Hassan is inspired most by Luc Besson, and his use of strong female characters and the Cinema du look aesthetic. He is interested in the use of fully enclosed sets, to create a controlled and stylised lighting look. German expressionism is another area of interest for Hassan Mohammed Enany, with Fritz Lang in particular, with that same darkness but complex characters at their heart.

As his final project for university Hassan made a film entitled “A Beautiful Tomorrow” about gender in the Saudi region. He hopes to expand on these controversial topics, and envision the future for the next generation. Additionally he aims to make films which are not only creatively stunning, but commercially viable, and incorporate his experience of the business world and the filmmaking world.