HinD mamDouh

Hi guys
That's my name. Never forget it. Because one day,, it'll be worth a lot ;)
Born on November 26, 1992 *SagittariUs Lady*
My Age...19 Y
My Nike N......HanOooUD ;)
I'm a student and gonna be a model in the future.
●●I want tO bE sOmething big,,I want to prOve mySelf ..Reality star★
●●I'm just a girl trying to find a place in this world xx
●●I'm quite ambitious, funny, very optimistic.
●● I do stupid things most of the time but I don't usually fool around.
-I'm friendly..I speak my mind.
-I love to make people laugh.
-AdOre lipstick :D
-I love dancing, singing and acting.
-One Direction makes me happy.
-I am a sympathetic and funny girl.
-I Believe In True Love.
-Allah Is My Lord
-Muhammad Is MY Prophet ♥
-Islam Is My Religion
-I lOve my fam, my frenz, the colour pink,
-I lOve Being egyption
-I hate lies. I hate lying and I hate when people lie to me. I hate all the hurt it causes

*Every dispute makes me sad ... but it's because I love you , because I care , because if I would stop caring and just watching how it goes on , I'll never be happy with you or it just means i wouldn't love you but I do...I love you
-Thanks for reading :)