Tiffany Henderson

I am currently attending Year Up Inc. Year Up is an intensive IT training program that consists of Tech and Business Communication classes and a commendable internship as a graduation requirement. Year Up is partnered with Northern Virginia Community College which allows me to gain the college credits that i plan to use in futhering my education at Texas A&M University.

My experience at Year Up is the most exciting challenge I've endured thus far. Information technology is something I fell in love with at a young age. At Year Up i am able to learn and perfect my skills The hands on experience I have attained allows me to disassemble and rebuild a computer effortlessly. My computer software skills have also been enhanced exceedingly above the average level of study. I am proficient in creating spread sheets, data entry charts, and power point to name a few. Year Up has truly enhanced my level of knowledge in technology and in business etiquette.

My strenghts are extensive but a few I pride myself in are: working well with others. I can be a great team player assisting others meet a common goal, by offer encouragement or use my strengths to enhance others growth areas. I'm very responsible, I believe in getting the job done no matter the problems that may occur. I welcome challenges and seek the lesson that can come out of them. My strengths have made me an excellent asset to many companys and I hope to continue to build a better me.