Darla Henderson

N America

Following my doctoral degree in bio/organic chemistry from Duke University, I've spent the last 15 (time flies when you're having fun!) years merging my lifeng passion for science with an appreciation for the value of the written word as the conduit of knowledge through the generations. First, as a chemistry acquisitions editor for books in the corporate publishing world with John Wiley & Sons, and then directing the strategic devlopment of a portfolio of top-notch chemistry journals at the American Chemical Society. Working alongside hundreds of book authors and 17 journal Editors, gathering feedback from communities of editors, readers, and authors, launching new products, developing and implementing new strategies to advance contributions to science, and providing valuable services to authors- all central to producing the best conduit for scientific knowledge. Naturally, it's time to unveil the next phase - and so, today - 2014, I jumped at the opportunity to develop and implement the strategic vision for open access programs at the American Chemical Society. Have a look at what we are doing here http://acsopenaccess.org, and send me your feedback at d_henderson@acs.org.

  • Work
    • American Chemical Society
  • Education
    • Ph.D., Duke University, 1998