Henderson Heinrichs LLP Family Divorce Lawyers

Henderson Heinrichs is a family and divorce law firm that offers a plethora of legal services to its clients. Established in 1997 by Rain Henderson and Kevin J. Heinrichs, the firm focuses on accurate representation and protection in many different legal scenarios. With legal experience dating back 20+ years, the lawyers at Henderson Heinrichs are well versed in protecting the rights of their clients in and out of the courtroom.

The initial visit is free and is a chance for the client to take some time and examine all of their legal options as well as learn about the services that the firm can provide to them. Some of the services available include divorce (such as collaborative divorce), common law guidance, property division, separation and prenuptial agreements, mediation, and representation in court proceedings. Additionally, the firm also offers family services such as custody and access, parenting coordination, adoptions, and spousal/child support. Given the time constraints and other critical components involving legal issues, it is paramount that the client has strong representation and/or guidance and that is what Henderson Heinrichs provides for its clients.

Not only does the firm offer legal services, but also provides legal resources for free. These resources include family law rules, Supreme Court family rules, divorce/adoption acts, child support guidelines, and even children's books for parents to help their children cope with a pending divorce or similar issue. These resources allow the individual to make a well-educated decision as to what course of action they should pursue.

Henderson Heinrichs has two convenient locations to serve its clients in Vancouver and Toronto. The Vancouver location is located only a few blocks from the local transit stations and the Toronto location is directly on the Yonge-University-Spadina subway line. Both locations are close to areas that offer parking meters as well as several close by parking garages.

Henderson Heinrichs LLP Family Divorce Lawyers

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