Lakeisha Henderson

I believe God heals even the most broken and lost of souls. He is not only a redeemer he is a perfect listener as well. I was taught "BROKENESS IS THE PRE-REQUISITE TO THE BLESSING!" My mission is to fulfill my purpose in life. I love hard and won't stop searching for it! Being a single, divorced Mother of three beautiful children is one of the many reasons I choose to rise above failure in life and seek success.

I am building an empire from the ground up! I know what the world needs. My heart says our children need to walk by faith more and to be hugged a lil tighter. It is evident that it takes a village to raise a family. I also know the TRUE meaning of what reliability and accountability means to anyone who cares!

I do believe sharing is caring in a world of darkness and sorrow. There is NO "I" in the word "WE." It is good to depend on the good of others. Our faith, life, blessings and country is up for grabs for anyone who seeks it. Now is the time to progress forward! Not only is it necessary to grab life and hold onto it like there's no tomorrow. We also have to believe and see good within one another.

I don't want my son to be the last of a dying breed. I want him to be the cause of why the breed avoided becoming apart of the living dead! My daughters deserve quality lives and independence like none other.

GOD IS OUR ONLY HEALER. HIS LISTENING AND TIMING IS IMPECABLE! My father was murdered when I was a year old, my older sister died one week before her fourth birthday from Meningitis, and then the staple, our Granny who saw 90 years of life took her final sleep recently. There is meaningful purpose in this life we live and I plan on taking my children, family and the world with me on the journey to fulfillment. In life we should take what we loose and gain new perspective in faith.

God has given me many hats to wear, it's about time I wear em' One day SOON I will complete my college degree, open that fabulous Bed and Breakfast I've always dreamed about, write novels for children, and retire a happy woman who raises her GrandChildren and travels THE WORLD for food all while helping others. Life is simple, people make it hard.

Just in case you didn't hear it today, I love you!

God Bless!

*p.s. go out and hug and kiss someone today, the little things in life DO MATTER!