Crockett Brun

In the olden days, the sun and gold and god and prosperity were all tied up together. They have been also largely regarded as to be the domain of males and many amongst us who are not of that gender still carry a residual notion that this may possibly not be for "our sort", basically by the virtue of overwhelming encounter of so numerous generations for a hundred thousand years.

Truth is although that the sun is a powerful prosperity and wealth symbol, perhaps the most effective of them all - and it shines on Every person.

This prosperity sunrise is a shamanic healing meditation developed to bring you closer to the aspects of wealth and energy inherent in the symbolism of the sun it is easy to do and very fantastic.

If you are of a mind, you could place on some appropriate music and move or dance this meditation - this will give you 360' of physical movement which strengthens the knowledge and makes it far more profound than if it is totally autogenic.

So in a moment, close your eyes and uncover oneself on a wide, sweeping plane, cool and dark it is nonetheless but there is a banding on the far horizon that tells you the sun is about to rise.

This is YOUR private prosperity sunrise.

Really feel the power and radiance of the sun increasing as the sky fills with living light, as it gets brighter and brighter, all around, you really feel the light and then the sun rises majestically more than the horizon and floods the plane with light, bathes you in light, powerful energy, potent charge and effective wealth.

Accept this blessing with open arms.

Open your heart, your mind and all your getting to the golden rays of sun.

Turn around slowly on the spot and bathe in this blessing of wealth and brilliant energy.

When you are filled to overflowing and beyond, return and ...

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