Henderson Rigs & Equipment

oil and gas drilling rigs and equipment in Humble, Texas

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Henderson rigs & equipment have an extensive array of drilling equipment for sale. We buy and sell used drilling equipment, especially oil rigs, mud pumps, drawworks, and top drives.

Company Overview:

Henderson rigs & equipment is a Houston based company specializing in buying and selling new, used and re-manufactured drilling equipment. We mainly deal in selling oil rigs, mud pumps, drawworks, and top drives to the domestic and international drilling contractors. We have an extensive amount of experience and expertize in the sales and brokerage of drilling equipment which best suit our customer needs. We sell equipment to guarantee our customers satisfaction, and prompt delivery. Our highly skilled workforce continues to set new standards for operational excellence and transform our industry.

Contact Person: Dan Henderson

Contact Details:

Address –6202 Storey Drive Humble, TX 77396

Phone Number –281.661.3627

Toll Free -800.281.8320

Fax -281.661.3628

Company Email ID -sales@hendersonrigs.com