Hendra Jaya Sr.

My name's Hendra Jaya Sr. but mostly people call me Jay, not Hendra (unfamiliar) or Jaya (too Indian female name while i am a Dude, despite i am actually not an Indian, definitely Asian, South East Asia actually). so Jay would be a win win solution. i like movies, read (not because i can read but its everyone doing it every single day, am i right? i mean, you're reading newspaper, magazines, even your computer contains a numberous letters, and words and lines, and sentences and its all your to read) i like swim too, and beside all of its i am a huge fans of food fest... as you see on my picture as a foodie you kinda expect me to look like the one that represent as a consumer... but lets say that i can balance and maintain it... thats all i guess, but probably it may change sometimes, or so many times, cause ppl change right, and i am one of those ppl tho... go find out about me on my social network ^_^