Hendri Muhammad

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Architect in Bekasi, Indonesia

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-- Automate It, Accelerate It --

Tech Lead at TarkamApps

An excellent problem-solver.

A learning addict person.

A meticulous worker and intolerant of sloppily too!

- Software Architecture & Design

- Building RESTful APIs.

- API client libraries for a wide variety of services.

- Git (Every Project start from Git).

- Vim (Evil-Mode) fanboy. :D


Reduced load data time, Performance tuning for backend.

Load data take long time response because many SQL requests in multiple time for the same data, many blocking I/O operations, and i also identify bottlenecks of the system.

It impact server, when client requests data to the server it took long time to get response and impatience client try to make new request again but the server haven't finish the last process yet. Server gain more process and increasing CPU usage so it impact to other service in server.