Coralie Hendrickx

Student, graphic design, and Social Media in Antwerpen, België

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Do you know that kind of small fluffy animal that is always happy and really creative?
Nah me neither, but if there would exist one like that, it would be my spirit animal.

My friends call me “de creatieve krul” what means creative curl. Ideas pop up in my head like popcorn in a microwave.

I like to share my creativity and let people “surf” on my ideas. Working in group is what I like most, but when I’m on a roll I work very purposely.

I already studied graphic design at the school of arts in Antwerp and I’m currently in my third year of Cross Media Design.

After 2 studies I am totally ready for the working world, the only question left is: is the working world ready for me?

  • Education
    • Karel de Grote hogeschool, Cross Media Management