Hendrik Van Hooreweghe

Hendrik Van Hooreweghe

I think, therefor I am ... me

With this logic, most of you will probably claim to be me, but only one of me can rightfully do so.

Having established that you are not me, we can now also safely assume that you do not play golf, and if you do, you must be very good at it.
We now also know you do not ride my mountain bike regularly, nor can you enjoy spinning around on my motorbike.
Moreover, it is also inconceivable that you would have a shot at furniture making, or that you would truly believe that Van Morrison is god's most generous gift to mankind.
And finally, you can never be living in Antwerp with my wife-of-four-years, and if you do, you are bound to have kids.

But enough about you!

I myself am a freelance IT professional, working in the field of (strategic) program management and interim management. My career of 18 years has taught me that I know far from all, but while I learn and constantly evolve, I have true added value. It is this combination of learning and adding value that drives me.