Henna Mayberry

Henna Mayberrry is a media critic, blogger, and activist. From one of her latest posts:

When word got out that the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd accidentally published part of Josh Marshall’s blog under her own name in a column in the New York Times, more than one blogger reacted wit glee. After all, aren’t bloggers supposed to be the mainstream media parasites?

Dowd’s accident is yet another sign of how traditional media outlets are increasingly taking cues from those who populate the blogosphere.

This symbiosis has been a long time coming. Greg Sargent, lauded Murray Waas , an independent web reporter, for unearthing the truth about how the Bush administration lied to take the U.S. to war with Iraq In 2006. Jay Rosen crowned Waas the “Woodward of now,” explaining that the actual “Woodward of now,” Bob Woodward, had missed the story.