Farida Khalifa

Wolverhampton - mobile national

Farida Khalifa is the Director of Henna Art, a hair and make-up service based in Wolverhampton. Henna Art is mobile, and have travelled nationally and internationally in order to meet client demand and deliver a professional service in the comfort of your own home.

Henna Art caters to every beauty whim; makeovers, nail extensions, hair extensions, face painting, airbrushing, stunning bridal dressing, unique hair styling, artistic henna designs, wardrobe styling, mentoring students, delivering training and teaching at South Birmingham College on the community. www.hennaart.co.uk.

Farida Khalifa has experience lecturing at South Birmingham College where she shared her knowledge and expertise with students. Her success at teaching influenced the expansion of Henna Art to Henna Art’s Training Academy, which provides private beauty tuition for students. Intense training allows students to be supported to develop their own businesses with expertise guidance and help. Students have opportunities to showcase their work at the renowned bridal fair at Ramada Solihull Hotel. After students have graduated from Henna Art Training Academy they are encouraged to set up their own businesses. Wherever suitable, Henna Art will seek to work together with these businesses on freelancing terms. Therefore, the support provided to students extends beyond training at the Academy.

Farida Khalifa’s work has appeared in several issues of the popular wedding magazine, Asiana. 14 years of experience has allowed Farida to build a reputable reputation with her clientele and other businesses through her bubbly personality. Farida is organised and strives to make decisions in the client’s best interests.

Henna Art has also expanded to deliver services to companies who are shooting product commercials. Recently, Henna Art was the makeup artist on set in an Asda commercial. We incorporated the creative director's vision in order to achieve the desired look on actors. We have also had the opportunity creating synthetics for music videos such as bald heads, cuts and bruises - please refer to our website for access to these photos www.hennaart.co.uk. In addition, we have been the make-up artist on set for singers who are shooting their music videos. This highlights our flexibility regarding hair and makeup work.