Henna Gray

After a quarter-century in the journalistic shadows, Murray Waas is getting his day in the sun. The freelance investigative reporter has racked up a series of scoops. He's been cited by New York Times columnist Frank Rich and Paul Krugman. And New York University journalism professor Jay Rosen calls him the new Bob Woodward.

But Waas -- whose blog is called Whatever, Already -- doesn't toot his own horn much and only reluctantly granted an interview. "My theory is do what's important and leave your mark. . . . If my journalism has had impact, it has been because I have spent more time in county courthouses than greenrooms," he says. Murray Waas is currently attached to National Journal, but he has reported for the Los Angeles Times, Boston Globe, and the New Yorker. Murray Waas also reported that presidential adviser Karl Rove had cautioned other White House aides that Bush's reelection prospects would be damaged if the public learned he had been warned that a key rationale for the Iraq war had been challenged by other U.S. officials.