Hennie van Wijk

I have fortunately realized that there is a difference between 'existing' and really being ALIVE! There is more to life than the Rat Race and being a pawn on a mercantile chess board. I have my own strategy and need to tend to myself, not only for my own sake, but for those I care about most, who will be there when nothing else matters! I am a dedicated husband, father and son, friend to few and acquaintance to many.

I am a technologist by trade, futurist-strategist-architect by desire, nature lover by choice and techno-gadget-socialmedia-research-reader-carpenter-golfer-entrepreneur whenever I can.

I know my purpose and trust when the Universe conspires: providing for me at times that I least expect it, teaching me lessons in humility that I am thankful for and helping me to be at peace with myself and surroundings – assisting me to contribute meaningfully in the bigger scheme of things... sometimes on my own, but more often with the help and dedication of many others - individuals, groups and organizations alike.