Liverpool Hen Night Ideas

Liverpool, Uk

The music is the star of this year that the city is European Capital of Culture. A continuous party that involves everyone. And that marks the rebirth after the dark days of the 80s. Among men drunken, night overflowing, girls dressed as bunnies and fake hen have fun. From Liverpool Nightlife in Liverpool It's happening in Liverpool. 'It's happening in Liverpool' is the slogan of the European Capital of Culture in 2008. And strange things start to happen right from the start to the station in London and enjoy your weekend with and get the best quotes for your weekedn party in the Liverpool with hen nights at low rates

in Express which covers two and a half hours 285 kilometers to the north-west turns nell'Afrika Exprez. "It's amazing, we're sitting in the same car for 70 of the greatest African musicians of the world," says the passenger next to us. And when you see Damon Albarn, the king of British pop music, inventor of the Gorillaz, former leader of Blur, along with Tony Allen, the Afro-beat legend, it becomes clear that many extraordinary things can happen in Liverpool in 2008. The two whispering of the lineup tonight that includes the king of rai Algerian Rachid Taha, and Franz Ferdinand. You Exprez Afrika, a coalition of musicians from the world gathered for a super jam session that you know when it starts but not when it ends.

At only £ 10 a ticket. Takes place at Olympia, a dilapidated Edwardian palace than a hundred years ago housed a circus with lions and crocodiles in the cellars. It is in the poor district of Everton, unemployment at 47 percent. The audience: one of the finest blends of people of all ages, classes and colors. How did Damon? "Many good ideas do not self-financing, but that does not mean they should not happen, right?". Liverpool to happen here because 'the'' all together, the sense of community is important. And it is at the center of the festivities for the year from EU Capital of Culture.

A party continues that should culminate between September and November with the Biennale of art. And of the 350 events 70 per cent is free. The music is king. This is the city of the Beatles after all. Although the 'Scousers', as the locals are called, have an adversarial relationship with the Fab Four. As with the rest of the world. We were in America, there would be Ser