Henning Åkesson

Bergen Norway

Hi, I'm a Swede living in Norway. I enjoy wandering around on water expressed in a frozen and slowly moving form, also known as glaciers. I'm trying to understand how our changing climate affects Earth's glaciers and ice sheets. To do so, I use a combination of computer models and field studies. Right now I'm working with dynamics of fjord glaciers, and their interactions with climate and the ocean. I'm interested both in past ice sheets and what is ongoing in Greenland and Antarctica as we speak. Find out more on my professional webpage or visit me at LinkedIn. I think science is done best when shared, from scientists to the public, and the other way around. Feel free to contact me about general or specific ideas, questions or opportunities about how to spread the word about ice and climate change. When I'm not occupied with ice, I enjoy surfing in different forms, as well as climbing and hiking.

  • Work
    • PhD research fellow
  • Education
    • MSc Earth Science