Henre Rossouw

I have a diverse array of skills which stems from experiences in early phase small business environments ranging from project management, integrated digital strategy, technical product knowledge, mobile technology, media liaison, web development and business development strategy.

I am an opinionated (sometimes outspoken) person with a vibrant, quirky sense of humour. Expanding my general knowledge on a variety of topics (ranging from disease models, current affairs, evolution and the natural world, psychology and the diversity of religions among other) is one of my greatest passions and I particularly enjoy spending my time sourcing unique, interesting or downright outrageous information that enriches my mind, stimulates my intellect and makes for outstanding conversation topics at dinner parties. I am a spirited individual with a joyful, exuberant, yet realistic outlook on life and business.

“Do what you love” is my mantra. I have a natural affinity toward people, business and specifically the art of marketing and the craft of building innovative strategies. Random influential individuals I extract from that help shape my professional mind-set include the likes of Scott Adams for his desire to learn, question and interpret just about every single facet of life; Malcolm Gladwell for his cunning ability to transform complex phenomena into practical subject matter; Sir Ken Robinson for his exemplary viewpoints around education.

I do not settle for mediocrity, although at times I have been startled by the realization of a decline into a comfort zone. But with change comes stress. Thus, it is critical I always try to reassure myself and keep motivated. I do this by consuming inspirational material, which always manages to reaffirm my favourite quote: “Change is hard because people overestimate the value of what they have, and under estimate the value of what they may gain by giving that up.”

I love people and enjoy social interaction, but I often prefer alone time too, both in a private and professional capacity. An introverted extrovert if you like.