Pronouns: 'Henry', He (With Henry) She (With birthname), They

Hey there! My name is Henry. You may use my other name with me in private if you know it, but please don't wear it out.

I have a pretty terrible sense of humor and I get lonely easily, but I'm eager to improve. Cats and apples are my favourite things, and I also like to read, read, read. I'm much too afraid of people for someone so old... But that's okay because I'm actually 13.9 at heart.

Sometimes I like to play Osu! with my friends... I'm not all that great, but it's always fun to do things with friends, I think.

Triggers: Noncon, Rape, Dubcon, Abuse mention of any kind, Sexually charged comments ("Go fuck yourself" "Suck a dick" etc.)/imagery is also No Good.

I currently battle chronic depression, panic disorder, and I also suffer from PTSD.

Turtleseed | @Henry
Osu! | Chutney
Skype | berrychutney