bernard dufresne

I am a seduction coach & a dating coach. I provide advices for men to seduce & date women on the internet, in local dating (your area) and global dating. You can find my full list of techniques for seduction here

I've been to 15 countries and after i met many women, i discovered what was known about seduction & relationship was bogus because of the TV and movies who portray a wrong image of seduction & dating.

I do not think a man's personality is very important as copared to its environment. Everything depends on the people network or circles, he is part of. His relatives are also important.

Let's take an example. If you are the son of a guy who worked in a garage and if you are only interested in cars, you will likely not know lots of women.

On the other hand, if you work for a cosmetics company and if you are part of a dance lesson club you are going to know lots of women.

Whoever you are, a woman will never wait for you. If you don't come, they will marry another man. A man has to be proactive because women are naturally passive in opposite of what people say on the TV or movies.