Henri Ligsay


I am a Nazarene, affiliated with no specific group. I follow the Way, and echoing the Truths, hoping to share eternal Life with some precious souls -- honest, seeker of truths. My Assembly and brethren are those who follow the same in the spirit of truth. We are dispersed but are connected directly to the Master.

I am Liberal, artistic, well organized, shy, reserved, calm, relaxed, warm, trusting and cooperative. I love life and fun. I'm generally cheerful and happy, and with positive outlook always. I share warm friendships, good music, philosophy, wit, wisdom & humor, and Social Media. So you see, I am just like any one among you.

And lately I am echoing *Restoration Of All Truths* as my Ministry in my blog as I find them.

My Ministry: EchoOfRestorationTruths.blogspot.com

You will find me in My Entire Online Social Presence: http://xeeme.com/HenriLigsay

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