Henri Brownell

Costa Mesa, CA

Being a character animator is all I have ever really wanted to be. From the early years of watching Disney movies and the finding out that computers could be incorporated as a new tool, I found that I would be in heaven if I studied hard and dedicated myself to that goal. The path has been extremely challenging but so rewarding. I really can't imagine myself doing anything else for a career. Knowing the tools of the trade is only the beginning of understanding. Learning to utilize those tools to bring the characters to life has been my focus for some time now. Continuing education is very important to me and is one reason I try to stay active in the community by giving and receiving critiques on ACME Animation, 11 Second Club, and even in LinkedIn groups that I belong too.

In learning to receive and give critiques, I gain valuable knowledge and appreciation for my craft and it has had an incredible impact on my skills. As I gain a more critical eye, my perceptions and understanding allows me to see more in the work I produce and review. My skills continue to improve and even my critiques at ACME earned the privilege to be a guest lecturer at schools to talk about being a student and working professional to help teachers in their criteria of how they approach students animation education.

Being part of the community means also being involved within the community. Along with donating time to helping young animators grow their skills, I also try to attend meetings for ASIFA Hollywood, SIGGRAPH conventions, and the CTNX expo every year! These opportunities afford me the ability to see the latest in technology and keep up with the trends being set for today and tomorrow! I have met a number of friends and continue to grow my network of animators. Meeting and working with new people is always a thrill and I do my best to make the most of it.

There are many interests and hobbies that I have that I enjoy when I am not at my computer animating. I think that being a more diverse and active person helps make me a better person, and animator. Swing dancing is one of my favorite pass-times!

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