From art direction to conception of integrated campaigns, from user experience optimization to team leading roles. Henrik never stopped exploring and became a true "hybrid-creative".

First generation digital native, Henrik startet at the age of 6 with his first Apple computer. He was always interested in arts, so he combined both his passions in art direction – always disciplined on being up to date with digital development.

Henrik started his career in a succsesfull network agency, gaining experience across all disciplines from creative to film to digital. He always worked on own projects and taught himself basic programming in the early 2000's. Packed with good basic knowledge, he soon focussed on small creative agencies and moved, after a short study-break in France, to Berlin. After a few years in which he deepened his skills in two advertising agencies, he choose the freedom of self-employment.

With his profound experiences he mostly worked for ad agencies in Germany. His passion for editorial design made him focus on corporate publishing. In combination with his digital skills he soon explored the requirements of truly integrated campaigns and focused on conception with the visual team lead.

After a few years, including a journey into marketing consulting for one of the biggest German movie productions, he started his own company. Dolphin Secure, a child protection software, combined everything he had learned so far. This 2.5 million dollar backed internet start-up gained all of his attention for more then two years.

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