Henrika Jansson Tonder

Helsinki, Finland

Deep inside me I've always known that something else, something greater is possible.

I'm a dreamer, seeker, mother of 3 boys, sharing my life with my french soulmate, grateful to be born in amazingly beautiful & weird Finland.
I've lived in France for 18 years, am now in Helsinki but I feel at home anywhere around nature and within myself.

I've been doing Business & Communication worldwide in Asia, Europe & America.
In the past three years, I've transformed my life into a happy, healthy, free and magic one full of possibilities through awareness & conscious living ! I'm a Life Change Coach in Conscious Living & Business in Helsinki and worldwide.


I've been inspired by connecting with amazing, caring & brave people from all over the world and learned to truly trust my own knowing.

For me life is about CONNECTING, POSSIBILITIES and CHOICE. I believe in being the change I want to see in the world and I walk my talk :)

My mission is to invite & empower you to claim the leadership of your own life, to facilitate you to let go of limitations holding you back from truly being you, to guide you beyond this reality, create joyful living and change the world !

Let's PLAY together and outcreate happiness !