Henrik Brinch

Consultant, Web Developer, and Software Engineer in Danmark

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Providing IT consultancy services through my company: TriGemini, for European customers since 1990.

My primary focus is (though not limited to): software development / software architecture / software technical documentation / software analysis, consulting, recruiting, education and developing unique innovative software products.

Lots of ideas, unfortunately not always the time to realise them (being a father of triplets, two boys and a girl - now 14 yrs old and a kidbrother now 9 yrs old) - constantly developing new and innovative solutions.

I'm an open networker and as such always interested in networking and connecting with new people. "Knowing the right persons on the right time" is the key to mutual success.

My personal motto is: "Everything is possible - with the right attitude and determination you will always be able to succeed".

I'm open minded (IOS, Android, Windows Phone, Symbian - what ever works for you...) and thinking out of the box is natural to me.

Technical documentation, software architecture, mentoring and tutoring

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