Henrik Vendelbo


I grew up in Denmark and when I was a kid I got a home computer for Christmas together with a really funny and inspiring book about programming.

I thought it was fascinating, because it was so open ended, and only limited by my imagination.

I got completely absorbed in the idea and started to daydream about how we might use apps to get rid of the tedious routines in life and make things easier and more stimulating.

I was lucky to be on the team that built a very popular business administration software Microsoft Dynamics.

Along the way, I have helped make many types of apps and websites, but I always felt we could do much better.

At a young age I was lucky to go on language camps in England and France. While I learned much in the classroom, the most important lessons were the habits and real language of the people I stayed with and the new friends I made.

To me the point of learning a language are the great experiences you will get when speaking it with other people.

Lately I’ve started thinking about the new online education ideas and the mobile devices most of us use more than PCs.

You know, we spend too much time in classrooms and offices, we should move around and pick more stimulating places to do our thing.

I used to make software that binds you to a PC and a desktop, but that is a dead end. So for the past 8 years I have spent about 2000 hours prototyping how we can take our most productive workflows from the PC to the mobile phone.

Similarly, I’ve goon to classrooms to learn a language, event though I believe language is a living thing that happens between people outside schools.

So that is why I work on new ways to work and study outside the office and the classroom.

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