Henrique Medeiros

São Paulo, Brazil.

" Swimming and overcome my limits ! "

Total Awards : 56 Gold , 36 Silver and 30 Bronze

Total events: 255

Federated on: 03/14/2014

Category practiced : Long-distance Swimmer

Bronze on Paulista Championship - November 2015 - São Paulo - Brazil

Silver and Bronze on Brazilian Championship - February and May 2016 - Brazil

Called in to represent Brazil on the World Juvenile Championship on July 2016 - Holland

Objective: I am looking for a sponsor to participate in International competitions and turn out as an inspiration to other young guys, looking for the Olympic Games!

I have a pretty cool family that has always been by my side since my birth on February 10th, 2000.
My supermom Miriam and my daddy Hilário are my guardian angels , best friends and the most important people in my life .

I live in Sao Paulo countryside, in Itupeva city. A very nice small city where I have several friends.

My passion for the sport came at age 4, when my aunts Ana and Raquel, who has practiced swimming, encouraged me to learn the sport.
From the first moment , it was crazy and I was swimming like a fish after the first class.

Today I workout in Guarani Futebol Clube, where I have support from Campinas city , which together with the support of my uncles and grandparents , I have the opportunity to develop myself in this sport.

Current Status : # Cool and happy!

  • Work
    • Long-distance Swimmer
  • Education
    • High School Student