Henri TheCavoodle

Pawsome Puppy Power in New Zealand

Henri TheCavoodle

Pawsome Puppy Power in New Zealand

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Hi, I'm Henri the miniature cavoodle.
I'm just new in this world but so far I'm having a blast. Watch me as I grow into an awesome dog.

I'm a male puppy who lives with my human family that has my mum Selina, dad Scott and human sister Briarna.

I also have two furry siblings too. Zen the 12 year old black and white cat and my newest best buddy Misa the black kitten who is 12 weeks old.

I think I'm pretty handsome lol :)

I have awesome soft hair which is great for my family because I don't shed at all and when I have a bath I don't have that horrible wet dog smell.

I'm caramel colour with a white bib and a white tuff on my head.

I love love love cuddles and pats I can't get enough of that stuff.

At the moment my favorite things are my bully stick, which I can chew for hours.

My toy cow, it has these long arms and legs that are fun to chase when mum and dad circle it along the floor.

Misa the kitten at first I was scared of her and barked and barked at her but mum and dad showed me how much fun she can be.
We now chase each other all over the place, the only thing she does that upsets me is that she steals my crate :(