Henry Bukritsky

I am an athlete

I am a tennis player

and have fun playing

I like to relax

in general

I am responsible

and trust worthy

I am nice

And considerate of others

I am funny

I play video games

a lot

i have fun playing

i play competetivly

I am a gamer

My artificat: My artifact is my playstation and video games because it is something that I'm really good at which comes naturally but when i try I'm even better. its also something that i enjoy doing. My friend was staying at my house for a couple weeks and he was watching me play while my cousin (who also lives with me sometimes during the weekends when she is not at college) came in to my room and said i was addicted to video games then my friend said, but he is really good at it. My cousin agreed and said if your going to be doing something that much you might as will be good at it. I realized after that that video games were a big part of my life.