Henry Eden

Artist in London

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Through art, Light finds a way to commune with the soul of man, revealing an eternal message of Hope, of Divine Love and Virtue.

As this Light emmanates from within the forms and symbols, order and abstraction, there is a striving taking place, a parallel of our souls journey that ever seeks consumation in the Light from whence it came.

Rediscovering that which has been forgotten, art can cleanse the mind and express anew the eternal vision that has forever been our companion and inspiration in the search of fulfilment.

From Darkness to the Light, these artworks serve as a reminder of that Eternal Light, concealed within the shadows of existence, which beckons us forth, in to the discovery of what is Real and Eternal.

If you want to get in contact for Workshops, Private tuition, Commissions, Exhibitions and Sales please E-mail: henryedenarts@gmail.com

I hold a Fine Art degree from Central St Martins,

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    • Central Saint Martins