Henry Elroi

Abuja - Nigeria

Henry Elroi began carving a niche for himself in the sphere of entertainment from Montessori International School Port Harcourt, where he played the lead role for Chinu Achebe' "The Flute" before a large audience at the Hotel Presidential. In Bereton College he furthered his stage mastering skills by becoming one of the key figures in the school's dramatic club. He was a founding member and assistant coordinator of MTM (Make Them Mine), a Choreography and Choral quartet, The group under the Supervision of O'Chuks was then considered one of the best in the city of Port Harcourt.

In 2004, Henry moved to studyin the Cameroons, Where he raised and trained choirs in the cities of Limbe, Douala and Buea. His choir remained one of the most outstanding, featuring in many shows on both national and private media. He anchored the program "Gospel Music Jamboree" for Eden Radio Cameroon.
HE majored in Philosophy, the impact thereof being evident in the theme of his music which cuts across God, Man and Love with a moral undertone.

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