Henry Nguyen

Student, Designer, and Artist in Burwood, Australia

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Hello, my name is Henry, and I’m a graphic designer and an illustrator. I love design and spend most of my time studying it and experimenting with graphic elements to get inspiration for my work. My philosophy is that every design needs to have a story that lasts and selIs. I want to create brand systems that are able to tell stories which will last and can connect with audience sentimental side, to communicate successfully only through a type based system.

I have special interest in experimental typography and conceptual art. with experimental typography i can challenge the basic nature of type which is legibility and also distort the its function that is a tool to communicate. I love type as images and apply that concept throughout a large number of my work. I am also a practitioner and worshiper of the design thinking process which entered around the need of customers and the idea/ story behind a work rather than just empty aesthetic.

What do i do?

My biggest interest is typography and hand lettering, and most of my work and practice revolve around them. I have been challenging the function of type by limiting myself to use only type or hand-drawn type to articulate particular messages and create typographic brand systems. By doing so, I discovered that type is a really powerful tool for designers to communicate their ideas and build effective brand system. Also, I have a favour for 3d type because playing with dimensions can create magnificent optical illusion and 3d is very contemporary. I also make little animations, mographs and visual effects as an additional attachment to help convey messages. I do a little bit of pattern design and enjoy making zines and editorial design as well.

experimental typography, 3d typography, hand lettering, motion graphic, editorial design, branding design, pattern design.

Design thinking and creative process.

My creative process always start with an analogue stage, which I explore and transfer my idea to paper using pencils and black pen to ink or calligraphic tool. This way really boosts my creative flow and allow me to have that tactile filling and understand the core of the aesthetic. The best description of my design approach probably is forms follow functions, which means the ideas and meaning will help define the aesthetic counterpart.

  • Education
    • Deakin University, Melbourne