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SEO for Small Businesses

Corporations and big companies are SEO giants with many qualitative links referring to their websites, millions of fans and amazing social media interactivity. So how can you compete with that as a small business owner? Google has an answer to that issue. As a small business owner, you can employ a range of SEO tactics that can help you promote your business even if the online world is dominated by big companies and corporations. And here are some of the best tactics that will help you stay relevant and get traffic and visitors to your website.

Get local domination

You need to use Google Business to promote your business locally and become relevant for Google from this point of view. You can create a domain name that will reflect both your business specifics, as well as your location. In terms of local searches, your site will be more relevant this way than the site of a big company. You should also add keywords in the content that reflect your location, as well as contact information for every single page of your website. Get local reviews from Trip Advisor or Yelp and don’t forget about the content. Consider adding some neighbourhood-related keywords to reflect your location more precisely and get a niche that your competitors will not have access to.

Have a strong link strategy

In addition to getting very specific from a local point of view, you should not forget about your link building strategy. Get quality and trusted websites to link to your page, include links in newsletters towards your customers and share content that also includes link to your site on social media platforms. Make a smart link building strategy, one that is based on quality and not quantity because quantity is perceived as spammy in terms of Google.

Encourage interactivity on your website

The trend for 2015 when it comes to SEO is interactivity. Google tends to base its ranking algorithm on interactivity, as well as on other factors. Having high engagement on your website is a way of getting a higher ranking. Encourage comments, polls and discussions. Constantly share on social media and encourage people to respond. Be proactive and respond to your users. But be careful not to create fake reviews because, eventually, they will be discovered and harm your reputation, as well as your visibility.

Quality photos and qualitative website

The best thing you can do is to hire a professional photographer