Henry(Ye) Liu

Boston, Massachusetts, United States


I'm Henry! I love movies, I love sports, I love TEDTalks, I love dogs, squirrels, pandas, pikachus, and many other creatures in this world.

I lived in Japan, China and U.S for 7 years each, and I speak all three languages!

I'm currently running TEDxUMassAmherst, and I am searching for a company or trying to found a company where I can happily voluntarily work there until midnight. I am awful at things that don't make an impact, and I'm amazing at things that could potentially #ChangeTheWorld. Money doesn't motivate me. Passion, happiness and generating value are things that keep me moving!

Fun Facts about Henry:

- (No Step) Vertical Leap in 2010 - Tested 34" (The best vertical (no step) result from the 2010 NBA pre-draft combine camp was 32" (81.3 cm) by Wesley Johnson)

- Regular Vertical leap - 40+" (Kobe Bryant: 38", Dr. J: 41")

- Ask me about the 90's music. I don't know any of them.

- Anime is part of me and it's what I grew up with. I still keep up to date with some of series that have lasted for 10+ years.

- Love playing Basketball & Volleyball. Love hip-hop dancing /Break Dancing.

- Can't wait to visit: Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Israel, Mumbai...

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    • TEDxUMassAmherst
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    • UMass Amherst