Henry Garcia

El Paso, Texas

My goal is to heal cancer in 7 days, to develop a new fertilizer made from rocks that will reconstitute the 85% lost minerals in our food (DONE), to finish writing my five books, to develop a new flag for Israel (the current one was the idea of Illuminatist Rockefeller) and to be in the second Exodus back to Israel YHVH allows me to heal stage 4 cancer in 30 days, psoriasis, eczema, athlete's feet, jungle rot, diverticulitis, diabetes type 2, Candida, and several other fungal-related diseases in 7 days. I can heal malaria in 4 hours. By YHWH's grace I can heal ulcers in about a week and arthritis in 2 weeks. I can heal arthritis, Hepatitis A, B and C, erectile dysfunction, gangrene, vericose veins, ADD, ADHD ... everything except ugly and stupid ... and I'm working on that (mainly for myself).

  • Work
    • Alef Tav Cancer Clinic
  • Education
    • Jesuit College Preparatory
    • Utep
    • Word of Faith Bible College
    • New Life Correspondence Bible College