Henry Langermann

Business Development Asia


Henry offers thirty years of experience in business to business
development, sales management and trade marketing for multinational companies
in Asia Pacific and Europe. A specialist of chocolate and confectionary
products, he has developed a rich network of solid relationships in the
distribution sector in Asia. He advises international companies looking to
develop their distribution network and open new markets in Asia.

During the first ten years of his career, Henry developed an in-depth
knowledge of critical distribution channels such as the hospitality and
supermarket sectors. He organized and led the sales of beverage and bakery
products, for both brands and private labels.

In 1993, Henry joined what would become the Barry Callebaut group to
develop their wholesale business. This was the start of a successful career
that led him to become the National Sales Director Food Service France in 1998.
In 2005 he moved to Asia where he held leadership positions in sales based in
Singapore and then Shanghai. He also developed a corporate chocolate academy. Inparallel he co-owned a restaurant and developed a solid network of
entrepreneurs in this market.

Henry started his consulting company in
2011. His client roster includes ADM Cacao, Sophie Martin, Eden Chocolates , DKSH.

Henry has a reputation of routinely exceeding
sales target by revampingrelationships and contractual agreements with distributors. His long termexperience selling for hotel chains allows him to build
effective partnerships with key accounts. He is particularly astute in
designing creative and cost-efficient trade marketing initiatives. He can also
build dedicated sales forces and maximize their productivity through pricing
and bonus structures.

Henry is recognized for his negotiating skills and abilities to motivate distributors from within. He knows from
experience how to make them feel part of a winning team. He develops long term, successful and highly productive commercial relationships with distributors in wholesale, hospitality, café and restaurant businesses. He wins new
clients through his incisive sales presentations that infuse his vision and
intimate knowledge of the product qualities and potential in emerging