Henry Adams

Consultant in England, United Kingdom

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Interests: Many! and mostly outdoors (see tags below). I support wildlife and the environment against threats. Some of the best things in life are free, priceless, and we need to protect them from loss, and for others to enjoy too.

I'm strongly against the pervasive blinkered and flawed neoliberal ideology and the collateral damage it causes, such as in increasing inequality and the corporate capture of power, and the scientifically and ethically ignorant destructiveness of our environment and climate, wildlife, and anything (and anyone) that is hard to price or be commodified or marketized for profit for the few. See my website dragonfly1 (link below) for information on a variety of topics.

  • Work
    • Consultant Ecologist
  • Education
    • Imperial College London
    • University of East Anglia