Henry Bietz

Henry Bietz’s career in education began in the early 1970s in the Eureka City School District in California, and is marked by his dedication to the cause of education. A graduate of Saint Mary’s College with an M.A. in Educational Administration, Mr. Bietz has spent almost 40 years as an educator in California, first as the Child Welfare and Attendance Officer in Eureka High School in 1973 and most recently as the District Superintendent of the Westwood Unified School District and the Superintendent and Principal of the Westwood Charter School. In these positions, Henry Bietz oversaw the welfare of 800 students. Mr. Bietz holds accreditation in General Administration, Designated Subjects Supervision and Coordination Credential for Vocational Education, and Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching. Throughout his career, Henry Bietz has worked as both an administrator and a teacher. In addition to teaching part time at the College of the Redwoods, he has imparted leadership skills to other administrators through the Association of California School Administrators Leadership Matters project and the Superintendents’ Symposium. Mr. Bietz is also responsible for developing a teacher training program at the University of California, Berkeley. He participates in this program as an instructor, and has also taught the same course at the Dominican University of California in San Rafael. Mr. Bietz maintains credentials as a Standard Secondary Teacher, a community college supervisor, and a community college instructor. Through his work in the California school system, Henry Bietz has acquired extensive knowledge of school finances, state legislation, collective bargaining, and state model curriculum frameworks and standards. Mr. Bietz is the past President of the Association of California School Administrators and a member of the No Child Left Behind Task Force.