Henry Bos

Development worker in Arua, Uganda

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The earth is a playground. Landscapes are changing, cities are growing, people are moving and nature is being discovered. Everybody wants to live on a vivid planet.

But action is needed to preserve our world. Our sea level is rising. Deserts expand. Glaciers in Norway, Peru, Bolivia, France and Switserland are melting dangerously fast. Holland is a vulnerable country when the sea is rising.

When I was a little boy, I ran along rivers and through meadows and forests. Close to the sea I realized this world needs to be preserved and a challenge was born. I studied Human Geography trying to understand our society and our planet. Just to explore the world. I even became more enthusiastic to contribute to a more sustainable world.

I am Henry Bos, 25 years old and geographer. Cyclist. Adventurer. Nature lover. World discoverer.

We are all on the road. I want to stay on the road. What about you?

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