Henry Brady

Columbus OH

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I am an IT professional working on a residual income online via Internet Marketing. I have been in the IT business for about 21 years and done many of the fields in IT from hardware to software and programming. Over the years I have progressed to IT Program Management and now perform that function.

I’m a family man with a large family and my life is my children. After all this is why we strive to better ourselves right? To make a better life for our families.

For the last 4 years I have been in the internet marketing and real estate business, creating an income on the side, sort of a early retirement program if you will. With my knowledge in IT I decided to put it to good use. So my journey into Internet Marketing started. I have mentored and trained many folks entering the Internet Marketing realm with great success.

As Internet Marketing has became my passion, along with Real Estate Investing, I strive to always share information as in this day in age information and knowledge is key.

Along with some personal interests I will post tips and tricks and also some secrets I have learned over the years and have proven valuable to my Internet Marketing business. This I hope will become valuable to you as well and you visit back to my blog more often. We all need to share the big secret to making money online, why not?

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Henry Brady