Henry Chow

Metrology, Contemporary Arts, and Making Friends in 聖荷西, 美國

Henry Chow

Metrology, Contemporary Arts, and Making Friends in 聖荷西, 美國

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It's from Naughty and Modest Henry... 因為喜歡而勇敢, 因有熱情而堅持! What my saying is "Be Happy, Be Interesting!"



Lehigh University

Class of 1988 · PhD in Mechanical Engineering · Acoustics and Vibration · Computer Integrated Manufacturing · Applied mechanics · Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Lehigh University

Class of 1982 · Master of Science in Appied Mechanics · Fracture Mechanics · Mechanical Engineering · Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Chung Yuan Christian University

Class of 1980 · 中原大學 '80 Mechanical Engineering · Mechanical Engineering · Chungli

Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School

Class of 1976 · Taipei, Taiwan

建國高級中學: 高三12班 高二3班 高一20班

Things I like_Gourmet Cooking, Jogging, "Time Channel" Movies,

Making Friends, Pottery, Romance, Writing, World Peace, Science Fiction Movies, Sci-Fi Movies, Sitcoms,

Situation Comedy

Junior High: 新莊恒毅中學: 國三勇班(1973) 國二義A班 國一智A班

Primary School: 基隆東信國小 愛班(1970)

Multidisciplinary Management of Technology(MS credit class): MMOT 2004

Work Experience: Industrial Technology Research Institute

Sr. Researcher · Hsinchu, Taiwan

Work experience: on R&D related to (Flow, Acoustics & Vibration) Measurement, Standard, Metrology, Laboratory Management, Quality Assurance and right now focus on Multi-disciplinary Management of Technology, especially on Intellectual Property/Capital Management and Strategic Planning.

  • Education
    • Lehigh University