Henry Chu

Student in Kennesaw, Georgia

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Greetings, I’m Henry. I’m a student living in Kennesaw, Georgia. I am a fan of technology, reading, and video games. I’m also interested in arts. You can listen to my music with a click on the button above.

I'm originally from Springfield, Virginia and i moved down to Marietta at the start of my middle school years. My mom found a new job here after she was let go at her old one in Virginia, so we move here with my brother, sister and two cats at the time. I'm currently the only one living at home however, because my brother moved back to Virgina two years ago to live with my dad, and my sister just moved into an apartment near the KSU campus.

My parents never really expected too much of me, I didn't have something that heavy weighing down on me. It was pretty much just get some good grades, pass, then we are golden. Even though that was all they expected of me, I still let them down considering my first 2 years in Highschool were really that great. I did turn it around in the end but i was cutting it pretty close, so hopefully i don't have to deal witha situation like that again.

I really hope that college will be a different story this time, and I'm looking forward to working hard and learning to manage my time and brain power better as a work though my courses. My time management and study skills could use some work, but i think i should be good once i get those down, I can't always just do what I want to delay the things that actually need doing, like I did with my school work in the past. Hopefully I'll be able to open up more to those around me, since I've never been to great with those around my age group, always getting along better with my teachers then my fellow students.

Once I get used to the swing of having classes again, maybe I'll look for some work to pick up, or get back to reading more since I haven't really read a whole lot since I have left high school. Hopefully the stress of the semester with will out and I'll be able to go back to playing games and just chilling without having to worry about whats coming next. I look forward to seeing how well I adapt to the college atmosphere and hopefully, I'm not over taken by the load I'm given.